Microsoft Is Shutting Downwardly Codeplex, Asks Devs To Deed To Github

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 Microsoft has announced to near downwardly CodePlex  Microsoft is Shutting Down CodePlex, Asks Devs To Move To GitHub
Microsoft has announced to near downwardly CodePlex -- its website for hosting repositories of open-source software projects -- on Dec 15, 2017.

Launched inwards 2006, CodePlex was ane of the Microsoft's biggest steps towards the footing of opened upward root community -- where whatsoever programmer, anywhere tin part the code for their software or download as well as tweak the code to their liking.

However, Microsoft says that the service has dramatically fallen inwards usage as well as that fewer than 350 projects seeing a root code commit over the final xxx days, pointing to GitHub equally the "de-facto house for opened upward root sharing."

GitHub – 'Facebook for Programmers'

In a PowerShell, .NET as well as its Chakra JavaScript engine.

Microsoft is making the procedure of migration easier for its users. Microsoft has teamed upward amongst GitHub to exercise a "streamlined" migration tool to assistance developers shift their code as well as related content over to GitHub.

Since a liberate appointment of the migration tool is non soundless known, users tin banking venture fit out the guide on CodePlex for whatsoever assistance amongst migrating to GitHub.
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